Steve Zilliax

Steve was born in Sudbury Ontario and moved to Whistler in the 90s. Steve’s curiosity about the world and other cultures took him to Taiwan for 4 years where he taught English. While overseas, Steve learned Mandarin fluently as well as travelled Southeast Asia extensively including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and the Phillipines. When he returned, he moved to Vancouver and has been here ever since. As your Realtor, Steve will meet all of your needs. He is a thoughtful, warm, sincere, and caring person. He is an excellent listener, and is genuinely as excited as you for each of your successes. His extensive travel gives him great perspective and understanding of cultures and lifestyles. Steve’s connections all around Vancouver will ease your transition - from renovators to childcare. He is also a proud contributor to Children’s Miracle Network for each of his real estate transactions.